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Fig. 2

From: Dynamic single cell measurements of kinase activity by synthetic kinase activity relocation sensors

Fig. 2

Inhibition of the MAPK Fus3 prevents the relocation of the sensor. fus3∆kss1∆ cells bearing the Ste7DS-NLS-RFP SKARS and an integrated fus3-as were stimulated with pheromone in presence or absence of the inhibitor NAPP1. a NAPP1 or DMSO were added 8 minutes prior to the addition of α-factor. The median nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio is plotted as function of time (NAPP1: Nc = 343, DMSO: Nc = 230). b Ten minutes after α-factor stimulation, cells were treated with NAPP1 or DMSO. Note that, upon inhibition of Fus3-as, the sensor returns within 7 minutes to its basal nuclear enrichment level (NAPP1: Nc = 177, DMSO: Nc = 123)

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