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Fig. 6

From: Dynamic single cell measurements of kinase activity by synthetic kinase activity relocation sensors

Fig. 6

Generation of a Fus3-specific sensor based on the Far1 docking site. a Combination in the same cell of two sensors bearing the same Ste7DS but tagged with mCherry or mCitrine and stimulated at time 0 with 1 μM α-factor (Nc = 660). The ratios were plotted on two different y-axes (left: Ste7DS-NLS-YFP, right: Ste7DS-NLS-RFP) to allow a direct comparison of the dynamic response of both sensors. b Engineering of a Fus3-specific sensor by replacing the Ste7 docking site by the Far1 docking site sequence (Far1DS). c Response of cells of different background (WT (blue, Nc = 630), fus3∆ (green, Nc = 474), kss1∆ (red, Nc = 990), and fus3∆kss1∆ (cyan, Nc = 952)) bearing the Far1DS-NLS-RFP (left) and the Ste7DS-NLS-YFP (right) stimulated with α-factor 1 μM. d Histograms of the final response of cells in the YFP and RFP channel. The asterisks designate distributions that are significantly different (t-test, P <0.001) from the non-responding fus3∆kss1∆ control

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