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Driving Reproductive Division of Labor

Romain Libbrecht, Peter Oxley, and Daniel Kronauer characterize gene expression changes underlying reproductive division of labor in raider ants, identifying candidate molecular regulators of reproduction and behavior

Tracking Ubiquitination Cascades in Real Time

Manfred Auer and colleagues developed a tool for tracking enzymatic activities, including E1, E2, and HECT-type E3 enzymes, and for monitoring multi-step reactions within ubiquitination cascades in a single experimental compartment

RegulonDB Gets an Update

Julio Collado-Vides and colleagues provide an expansion of the Regulon DB database, incorporating genome-wide ChIP and gSELEX dataset collections, in addition to relevant genome-wide expression profiles

Targeting Angiogenesis

Niv Papo and colleagues describe inhibitors targeting all known functions arising from Tie2/integrin αvβ3 cross-talk, with implications for for cancer angiogenesis and metastasis studies and therapeutic approaches

Call for Papers – "Engineering Biology" series

We are delighted to invite submission of Research papers to our latest series, under the Guest Editorship of James Collins, Sophien Kamoun, Nicola Patron, James Wells, and Pamela Silver. For more details, please read here!

Call for Papers – Special Issue on Cancer Metabolism

We are now inviting submissions of Research papers for our cross-journal special issue. Guest Editors: Navdeep Chandel, Matthew Vander Heiden, Karen Vousden and Kathryn Wellen; submission deadline - October 31st 2018. Read more here!

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The different axes of the mammalian mitochondrial unfolded protein response

Christian Münch

Published on: 26 July 2018




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Comparison of village dog and wolf genomes highlights the role of the neural crest in dog domestication
Amanda L. Pendleton, Feichen Shen, Angela M. Taravella, Sarah Emery, Krishna R. Veeramah, Adam R. Boyko and Jeffrey M. Kidd
Published on: 28 June 2018

Transposable element insertions shape gene regulation and melanin production in a fungal pathogen of wheat
Parvathy Krishnan, Lukas Meile, Clémence Plissonneau, Xin Ma, Fanny E. Hartmann, Daniel Croll, Bruce A. McDonald and Andrea Sánchez-Vallet
Published on: 16 July 2018

Application of long single-stranded DNA donors in genome editing: generation and validation of mouse mutants
Gemma F. Codner, Joffrey Mianné, Adam Caulder, Jorik Loeffler, Rachel Fell, Ruairidh King, Alasdair J. Allan, Matthew Mackenzie, Fran J. Pike, Christopher V. McCabe, Skevoulla Christou, Sam Joynson, Marie Hutchison, Michelle E. Stewart, Saumya Kumar, Michelle M. Simon, Loranne Agius, Quentin M. Anstee, Kirill E. Volynski, Dimitri M. Kullmann, Sara Wells and Lydia Teboul
Published on: 21 June 2018

Cell fixation and preservation for droplet-based single-cell transcriptomics
Jonathan Alles, Nikos Karaiskos, Samantha D. Praktiknjo, Stefanie Grosswendt, Philipp Wahle, Pierre-Louis Ruffault, Salah Ayoub, Luisa Schreyer, Anastasiya Boltengagen, Carmen Birchmeier, Robert Zinzen, Christine Kocks and Nikolaus Rajewsky
Published on: 19 May 2017

Naked mole-rat transcriptome signatures of socially suppressed sexual maturation and links of reproduction to aging
Martin Bens, Karol Szafranski, Susanne Holtze, Arne Sahm, Marco Groth, Hans A. Kestler, Thomas B. Hildebrandt and Matthias Platzer
Published on: 2 August 2018

The different axes of the mammalian mitochondrial unfolded protein response
Christian Münch
Published on: 26 July 2018

Tissue macrophages: heterogeneity and functions
Siamon Gordon and Annette Plüddemann
Published on: 29 June 2017

Non-model model organisms
James J. Russell, Julie A. Theriot, Pranidhi Sood, Wallace F. Marshall, Laura F. Landweber, Lillian Fritz-Laylin, Jessica K. Polka, Snezhana Oliferenko, Therese Gerbich, Amy Gladfelter, James Umen, Magdalena Bezanilla, Madeline A. Lancaster, Shuonan He, Matthew C. Gibson, Bob Goldstein, Elly M. Tanaka, Chi-Kuo Hu and Anne Brunet
Published on: 29 June 2017

Towards a Dynamic Interaction Network of Life to unify and expand the evolutionary theory
Eric Bapteste and Philippe Huneman
Published on: 29 May 2018

Q&A: Expansion microscopy
Ruixuan Gao, Shoh M. Asano and Edward S. Boyden
Published on: 19 June 2017

  1. Content type: Research article


    Authors: Winfried Schlee, Nadia Mueller, Thomas Hartmann, Julian Keil, Isabel Lorenz and Nathan Weisz

  2. Content type: Forum


    Authors: Wallace F Marshall, Kevin D Young, Matthew Swaffer, Elizabeth Wood, Paul Nurse, Akatsuki Kimura, Joseph Frankel, John Wallingford, Virginia Walbot, Xian Qu and Adrienne HK Roeder

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Focus On: Neurobiology

Read the latest Reviews covering the development, function and pathology of the brain

The biological function of the cellular prion protein: an update
Marie-Angela Wulf, Assunta Senatore and Adriano Aguzzi
Published on: 2 May 2017

Examining non-LTR retrotransposons in the context of the evolving primate brain
Sara B. Linker, Maria C. Marchetto, Iñigo Narvaiza, Ahmet M. Denli and Fred H. Gage
Published on: 11 August 2017

Digital tissue and what it may reveal about the brain
Josh L. Morgan and Jeff W. Lichtman
Published on: 30 October 2017

Measuring behaviour across scales
Gordon J. Berman
Published on: 23 February 2018